Transform your long, ugly affiliate links while keeping your affiliate tracking intact.

Turn this:

Into this:

Make Your Links User Friendly

Website visitors are often reluctant to click on affiliate links because they are typically long, ugly and don't tell the users the actual URL destination. This lowers your click through rate. By cloaking your links visitors will see a user friendly URL when they hover over an affiliate link.

Avoid Commission Theft

An uncloaked link is vulnerable to commission hijacking. Anyone can simply replace you affiliate id with their own when making a purchase and your commission will go to someone else. Link cloaking prevents commission hijacking so you keep all your earned commissions.

Benefits of AffiliateDefense Link Cloaking

  • Increase click through rates.
  • Avoid link hijacking.
  • Increase commissions.
  • Shows true URL destination to visitors.
  • Search engine friendly.